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In this paper, we propose bilinear attention networks (BAN) that find bilinear attention distributions to utilize given vision-language information seamlessly. BAN considers bilinear interactions among two groups of input channels, while low-rank bilinear pooling extracts the joint representations for each pair of channels. Furthermore, we propose a variant of multimodal residual networks to exploit eight-attention maps of the BAN efficiently. We quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate our model on visual question answering (VQA 2.0) and Flickr30k Entities datasets. With a simple ensemble of BANs, we won the runners-up in 2018 VQA Challenge while BAN was a winner of single models among the entries.
In arXiv, 2018

In this work, we propose a goal-driven collaborative task that contains vision, language, and action in a virtual environment as its core components. Specifically, we develop a collaborative `Image Drawing’ game between two agents, called CoDraw. We collect the CoDraw dataset of ~10K dialogs consisting of 138K messages exchanged between a Teller and a Drawer from Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT).
In arXiv, 2017

Recent Publications

. Multimodal Dual Attention Memory for Video Story Question Answering. In ECCV, 2018.

. Bilinear Attention Networks. In arXiv, 2018.

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. CoDraw: Visual Dialog for Collaborative Drawing. In arXiv, 2017.

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. Overcoming Catastrophic Forgetting by Incremental Moment Matching. In NIPS (Spotlight), 2017.

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. Hadamard Product for Low-rank Bilinear Pooling. In ICLR, 2017.

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. Multimodal Residual Learning for Visual QA. In NIPS, 2016.

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